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Urgent Recovery Centers (URC).

Serving as an alternative to traditional emergency rooms/hospitals and/or incarceration for mental health crisis by providing 24/7 access to appropriate care for adults experiencing a behavioral health and/or substance abuse crisis.


Hospitals across Oklahoma are overflowing and often aren’t equipped to handle mental health issues. GRAND has relieved that stress for our staff and the individuals needing treatment.

-Tyler C., Nurse

The Right Place For The Right Treatment.

Too many times, hospitals or law enforcement are called on to deal with mental health issues they aren’t trained for. GRAND’s Urgent Recovery Centers solves that issue by providing de-escalation/stabilization efforts, therapy, rest, medication management, and access to ongoing care/treatment for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our URCs keep these people out of traditional hospitals who may not be equipped to provide appropriate care. They also serve as an alternative for law enforcement, often keeping those in mental health crisis from being incarcerated or becoming part of the judicial system for what is a mental illness and not a crime.