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Trauma-Informed Care (TIC).

Delivering care with a trauma-informed approach, recognizing that all people may or have experienced trauma that can directly affect their mental and physical health and adjusting care accordingly.


By focusing on ‘what happened to you?’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you?’, we are able to gain a much more complete picture of clients and how to best approach their treatment.

-Douglas R., Physician

Recognizing Trauma, Treating The Individual.

Trauma-Informed Care brings a sense of safety and trust that is crucial for healing after or during a traumatic experience. We believe that having a complete picture of a client’s life situation—past and present—can improve engagement, treatment adherence, and outcomes. Through TIC, we seek to:

  • Realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand paths for recovery.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, and staff.
  • Integrate knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Actively avoid re-traumatization.

An Integral Part Of Our Care.

Trauma-Informed Care is a part of all GRAND services in all clinical settings and locations. From therapy and how a front desk staff interacts with a person to how a building is designed and how policies and procedures are created, we implement TIC to take into account an individual’s unique experiences and focus on their preferences and needs.