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Engagement And Outreach.

Providing street outreach and harm reduction; placement for those struggling with addiction into medical-supervised detox, drug, and alcohol treatment; outpatient services and sober living programs; distribution of Narcan and fentanyl test strips; HIV/HCV testing and referrals for care and treatment.


We employ alcoholics and addicts in recovery to work with alcoholics and addicts still struggling with addiction, leveraging their lived experience and strong desire to help others.

Providing Hope For Those In Need … And So Much More.

GRAND’s Engagement And Outreach program provides life-saving services to people struggling with addiction and mental health. Freedom from addiction. Placement into housing. Therapy through aftercare and outpatient services. Employment and healthcare. Peace of mind. Restoration of families and relationships. Good health and better decision making. The benefits are endless to those we serve.

Who Else Benefits?

In addition to providing hope and support for those who want a better life, this program helps our community by reducing homelessness on the streets and getting those who struggle into rehabilitation services. It lightens the load on hospitals by reducing overdose numbers. It aides police departments with referrals and placement into services. And it encourages family members who watch their own struggle with addiction and mental health.