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0% of kids participating in this program have been removed from their homes post-stay

Hope For Your Family’s Future.

Families are made up of a group of individuals bound together as a whole. When any one family member is hurting, the entire family hurts. For a hurting family member to heal, the whole family must play an active role in the healing process. That’s where the Brief Stay Therapeutic Home can help.

Brief Stay treatment provides an opportunity for your family to set treatment goals and focus on familial relationships and dynamics. Your family is able to participate in a reset where you can work on communication and building a network of support. While in the Brief Stay Home, meals, bedding, and toiletries are provided so you can focus on your family.

Reducing Out-Of-Home Placement Risks.

Being at risk for out-of-home placement may mean your family is at risk for or has already been involved with the Department of Human Services or Juvenile Affairs. Or, a child may be at risk of inpatient psychiatric treatment or foster care placement changes. Regardless of the risk, the Brief Stay Therapeutic Home’s goal is the same: to bring your family together for short-term treatment in a relaxed, home-style setting, where you can work on issues and improve overall family functioning with the help of professionals. This is a chance for your family to see your situation through a new lens, build or reestablish trust, and gain hope for your family’s bright future.

Your Home Or Ours.

This treatment can take place in the Brief Stay home setting or the families’ home. A variety of intensive services are provided to your family daily while participating in Brief Stay treatment, including individual and family therapy, case management, individual rehab, peer support and wellness. Parent’s and Caregivers receive one-on-one support in learning skills that will positively impact their family’s future. Parents and caregivers also receive live feedback from a therapist while interacting with their children to guide and support positive, productive interactions.