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Age Informed Care.

Serving the 60+ population with a variety of services and working to advance age-friendly business and community training to help provide information on best practices for those in the aging population.


My mother has been struggling more and more as she got older. The support GRAND is giving her has made a world of difference.

-Elizabeth W

Honoring Our Elders With The Support They Deserve.

Older adults will outnumber children and youth by 2034. It’s a demographic shift that needs to be addressed. Our Age Informed Care Teams receive specialized training through the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and external entities to be fully prepared to assist with the needs of this growing population. Our methods include out-of-the-box techniques for helping those 60+ adults who are struggling with mental illness, and need an additional outlook for navigating complications that occur as we grow older.

PEARLS of Wisdom For Rewarding Lives.

PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives) is a community-based program that helps older adults who are living with depression create happier, healthier lives. This program can be particularly beneficial for those who may have limited access to depression care. Participants can also access GRAND’s recovery support, individual rehab, case management, care coordination, therapy, assessment, medication support, and nurse care management.