GRAND Mental Health to Merge with 12&12, Inc. - GRAND Mental Health GRAND Mental Health to Merge with 12&12, Inc. - GRAND Mental Health
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GRAND Mental Health to Merge with 12&12, Inc.

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GRAND Addiction Recovery Center to serve as new treatment model for Oklahomans.

GRAND Mental Health announced it is merging with 12&12, Inc. effective July 1, 2022 to deliver an expanded, state-of-the-art addiction treatment model in Tulsa.

As part of the merger, 12&12, Inc. will now operate as GRAND Addiction Recovery Center and will serve under the GRAND Mental Health family of providers. Unifying the combined 80+ years’ experience of GRAND Mental Health and 12&12, Inc. positions GRAND Addiction Recovery Center as a leader in integrated mental health and addiction treatment services in Oklahoma.

GRAND Addiction Recovery Center will offer complete care with multiple levels of treatment in the most suitable and least restrictive environments possible. This includes medically supervised detoxification, intensive residential treatment, transitional living and, sober living for homeless Veterans in recovery. Greatly expanded outpatient services featuring new technologies that afford instant access to licensed mental health professionals to aid in relapse-prevention will be a cornerstone of the new GRAND model, as will soon-to-come 24/7 triage care.

“At GRAND Addiction Mental Health, our vision is to deliver an entirely new model of care in Tulsa that centers on two critical bedrocks: easier access to treatment and better long-term health outcomes,” said GRAND Mental Health Chief Executive Officer, Larry Smith. “We are excited to bring our patient-focused innovations to Tulsans through GRAND Addiction Recovery Center. Bringing these services under the GRAND umbrella allows us to better support and treat the thousands of Oklahomans who are struggling.”

Founded in 1979, GRAND Mental Health serves 22 clinics in 13 counties throughout northcentral and northeastern Oklahoma. With the merger of 12&12, Inc., GRAND Mental Health has expanded its services into Tulsa County, increasing much needed access to its trauma-informed programs.

“Programs like those offered by GRAND Mental Health will have a significant impact on the future of mental health care in Tulsa County,” added GRAND Mental Health Operating Officer, Josh Cantwell. “Our patient-centered approach to mental health care is of the highest standard and works hard to get these lifesaving measures into the community.”

With a staff now exceeding 1,600 employees, GRAND Mental Health uses an anytime, anywhere approach to provide mental health care to those in need. Utilizing thousands of iPads loaded with the patented MyCare app, the organization can connect clients to a full array of therapeutic services at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day. This same technology is being deployed to law enforcement partners allowing them to instantly connect with mental health professionals to assist in troubleshooting mental health crisis situations and divert those in mental health crisis from incarceration.

In addition, GRAND operates multiple 24/7 Crisis Centers providing immediate critical care to those in mental health crisis. The organization will continue to cultivate new initiatives to support those who need mental health and addiction treatment services in rural Oklahoma, as well as in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area.

About GRAND Addiction Recovery Center

Formerly 12 & 12, Inc., GRAND Addiction Recovery Center offers life-saving recovery tools for adults suffering with addiction or co-existing mental health and substance use disorders to achieve individualized recoveries. We serve our clients through a continuum of care that provides multiple levels of treatment – medically supervised detoxification, intensive residential treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, counseling, transitional living, and sober living for homeless Veterans in recovery. Our service model uses a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates medical oversight, psychiatry, nursing, counseling and case management. In alignment with evidence-based practices, we’re simultaneously treating co-existing mental health and substance use disorders to dramatically increase our clients’ likelihood for recovery.

About GRAND Mental Health

GRAND Mental Health provides services for adults, children, adolescents, and families struggling with behavioral health issues, substance use issues, and integrated/medical needs in northeastern and north central Oklahoma. In business since 1979, GRAND Mental Health is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) providing evidence- based mental health and substance use services integrated with primary health care. Becoming a CCBHC has allowed GRAND Mental Health to hire wellness coaches, dieticians, occupational therapists, behavioral health coaches and peer recovery support specialists to provide a larger spectrum of services to clients. GRAND Mental Health operates 27 clinics and centers in 13 Oklahoma counties, employing more than 1,700 people. GRAND Mental Health strives to provide personalized care, anytime, anywhere. GRAND Mental Health works closely with and is partially funded by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.